Rainout Phone Numbers


Do not assume that your game is rained out, or that the park is closed, unless you receive information from a reliable source.

Your neighbor's game on Field 4 might be canceled due to wet fields, but your game on Field 2 might be right on time.



Manchester:  (636) 391-1043
Ballwin:  (636) 394-2159  (BAA Website)
Ellisville:  (636) 458-8123  (EAA Website)
Eureka:  (636) 938-9ESA  (ESA Website)
Pacific:  (636) 257-6300  (PYA Website)
Pond:  (636) 458-9627  (PAA Website)
Valley Park:  (636) 861-2260  (VPA Website)
Note: The rainout line is updated only for each new rainout.  Please be sure to listen to the entire message noting the date of the rainout message.  If the rainout message is from a prior date this means that the current day games have not yet been rained out or canceled.