Tee Ball

2019 Tee Ball Coordinator:  Dennis Knapik


MAA Tee Ball League

* * * * "Taste of Tee Ball" Overview at MAA * * * * 

At Manchester Athletic Association we are proud to have one of the few, well established Tee Ball programs in the St. Louis Area. Last year we had four teams of 4 year olds just beginning their journey into the world of baseball and softball at our ball park. Beginner kids and beginner parents welcome. Feel free to Register a whole team or we'll place your child on a team with other kids.

Starting with the 2016 season we began offering a 4U "Taste of Tee Ball" program.  We realize that extended Tee Ball programs become too burdensome for many parents. Based on suggestions we have reduced the number of games to 5 for a shorter season, and will also include a fixed number of rain-out dates.  Therefore, parents will know there exact game schedule for the season including possibly rain-out dates.


Contact the Tee Ball Coordinator if you have questions about your child playing at this level.



* * * * Registration and League Information* * * *


How to Register:
  Click on the Registration Button on the home page.  The preferred registration method is online, but if you need to pay by cash or check come to one of our walk in registration dates held at the American Legion Hall as noted on the home page. 

Registration Fee:  $50 per player.  Includes shirt, hat, and 5 games, all played at MAA fields.  Trophy included.  Two set rain-out dates will be set for the league.

Concession Duty:  One work duty required per player.  Two exemptions are given to each team manager.  Each parent will choose their work duty date and time when they register their children for league play.  Families may pay for a buyout from their work duties.  They MUST choose the buyout option at the time of registration.  (ie You may not buyout after you have already registered).

Ball Type:  9" safety ball for both boys and girls.

Season Starts:  Late April.  Exact game dates will be released in early March after teams are formed and the current year
                              schedule has been completed.

Season Ends:  Typically scheduled games end by late June.  Depending on rain-outs these could run into July.

Schedules:  Schedules will be put together in February sometime.  Tee Ball games are typically scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays.



* * * * Other Information for Parents & Managers * * * *



Trophy Day:  All Tee Ball players will be awarded participation trophies on Trophy Day which is schedule the first Saturday in August after the official season ends. 


Picture Day:  More information will be posted on the web site for individual and team pictures.  We have a professional photography company take pictures at the ball park of your child and team.  Dates TBD.  The price of pictures is not included in the registration fee.  Parents will choose their own package and pay the photography vendor directly  In past years the photography vendors have provided very good picture packages for families.

Become a Tee Ball Team Manager: If you would like to manage a team, please contact Dennis Knapik .  All teams are run by parents.  It's a great way to get you child started with baseball and to get involved.

Become an MAA Director:  There are a core group of parents/families that keep things running at MAA behind the scenes.  The more parents that get involved the better things run. We are all parent-volunteers.  At MAA we have directors on the board who have joined in the last 6 months and others who have been here helping for 20+ years.  We're always looking for new parents who would like to get involved and help run an event or coordinate a league.  If you're interested please contact Steve Scott at  We welcome your help to make MAA a better place for children and their families to play sports and be involved with the community.

MAA Tee Ball Rules


  • Games will have a time limit of 50 minutes.
  • Each team will bat one-half of the line up per inning.
  • Each batter will swing until they hit the ball off the tee into fair territory.  If the batter fails to hit the ball into fair territory after 7 swings, they are allowed to run to first.
  • An offensive coach should be on the field behind the batter to tee up the ball and assist the batter, as needed.
  • Runners may advance on a ball batted into the outfield until the ball is returned to the infield.  One base only on infield hits.
  • No outs are recorded on the bases.  The purpose of this league is to teach the fundamentals of the game.  This includes running the bases.
  • No scores will be recorded.
  • The last batter in the inning will be allowed to circle the bases.
  • The player fielding the pitching position should position themselves back at an appropriate distance from the batter.
  • All players are allowed in the field at one time, however for large teams it is recommended that only 10 players field at one time.  Players will be able to learn most easily if only 9 or 10 are fielded.
  • Three defensive coaches are allowed on the field of play to position and encourage players.  Interference of the ball while in play is prohibited.
  • No advancement on overthrows is allowed.
  • Rotation of players is recommended so that all players will learn the various positions.
  • Distance of the bases is 55 feet.
  • The purpose of this league is to teach the children the fundamentals of the game.  There is no need to keep score, as each player scores each inning.

Tee Ball Guidelines for Managers

• There is no umpire provided for your game, as there is no scoring.

• It is the responsibility of the managers to begin the games on time, and
end them on time. There is likely to be another game following yours –
please be courteous with regard to field time.

• It is the responsibility of the HOME team manager to bring a tee from the
MAA Strothkamp building to the field. If the game immediately following
yours is Tee ball or Mini 1, please keep the tee at the field, otherwise
please return the tee to the Strothkamp building.

• It is the responsibility of the HOME team manager to reschedule rained
out games by email to . Work with the
opposing manager for an acceptable date. Provide the rainout number to
your families to check before heading to the park on rainy days: 636-391-

• Encourage parent participation. Recruit assistance coaches. This is not a
drop-off park district program run by paid staff. It is up to you and your
parents to run practices, if desired, to teach your players the basic skills of
baseball, and to facilitate the games.

• Have a game plan of fielding positions in advance of the game, and
provide to a dugout manager. Magnetic coaching boards provide a nice
visual for the kids to see where they will be playing.

• Recruit a team business manager to help coordinate ticket purchases for
MAA night at Busch Stadium, coordinate Picture Day, collect additional
funds for slushies after the game, coordinate your team’s work duty at the
concession stand, etc. And please, no outside food and drink at MAA.

• Names on the backs of uniform shirts help parents to get to know the
children, the other parents, and to cheer. It costs a few dollars per shirt at
Johnny Macs, depending on the number of letters in the names.

• Provide your team number to parents and advise that field schedules are
posted outside the concession stand by team number – many head to the
park without knowing which field the game will be played on.

• Have fun, be creative, encourage team-building activities for the families.
Plan to come back and play Mini I, coach pitch next year. Look for team registration
information in December.