Parent Concession Duty

A. Training League to 14U teams and individuals

  • Parents will sign up for their work duty date & time when they register their child(ren) for league  play     

  • Two (2) work duties per family for registered player(s). 

  • Each team will be given two work duty exemptions to use as they wish

  • Families that "buyout" are exempt from work duties.  They MUST choose the buyout option at time  of registration     

  • Directors’ families are exempt from work duties




All MAA families are eligible for the family concession duty buyout program.  The cost is $130.00 per family.  Once the fee is paid, it covers all the children in the family and exempts the parents from working any concession duty for the spring/summer session.



Penalty for failure to work your individual duty or for teams to provide appropriate number of concession workers is $200.  Teams that have failed to provide the appropriate number of concession workers on dates chosen will be forced to forfeit all games until fine of $200.00 per unfilled worker slot is paid.


If I can not work, who is eligible to work my assigned concession duty shift?

It is their responsibility of the parent to either work the shift or find an eligible person, who is 21 years old or older, to work their shift for them.  No children under the age of 21 are permitted in the concession stand.


What should I do if I can't work my assigned concession duty shift?  

Unless you are specifically exempt from working a concession duty or paid the "buyout" fee, all parents must find their own replacement to work their shift.  This can be done several ways:

  a. Find another parent who has a duty at MAA and switch shifts with them.

  b. Find a friend, neighbor, or relative to work your duty.  Some parents even pay others to work their assigned shift. (This is strictly between you and the person working.  The parent is ultimately responsibility for the shift being filled.)

  c.  Post a message on the MAA Message Board noting that you are looking for someone to work your concession duty shift. 

  d.  Post a message on the bulletin board at the ball park.

What should I do if my assigned concession duty shift is cancelled?  

If a parent's original concession work duty is cancelled, they will NOT be rescheduled for another date.